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The panels we provide are amongst some of the best value panels on the market.


Their excellent 10 year performance warranty is one of the reasons why we recommend the LG Chem Batteries.


We offer some of the most trusted inverters in the industry.

Reasons to Choose Solar Red

Quality Assured

Best Quality Tier 1 Solar Panels is what we provide to our customers.

Customer Service

Customer service is our top priority at Solar Red.

Country Focused

We pride ourselves on bringing the best prices to the people who need it most.

Energy Storage

We offer our customer solar systems and also battery storage solutions if needed.


Clean energy council approved installers.

Environment Friendly

Helping Australia achieve the Renewable Energy Target of 20% by 2020.

Benefits Of Choosing Solar

No lifestyle changes, use solar power the same as you currently use electricity.

$0 Upfront

Don’t disturb your cash flow. Go solar for no money upfront.

Reduce Your Power Bill

Save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bill every year.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Generate Clean Energy and power a more sustainable energy future

Government Incentives

Rebates on solar power can save you thousands of dollars on a solar system

Increase Value

Add instant value to your home or business as solar panels are a highly desired feature of a property.

Generate Your Own Power

Use the power that your solar system has generated in your household first and then receive a payment/feed-in tarrif for excess energy which you have not used.



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Why Solar Red?

Our experienced team with the right information can help you to make an informed decision.